luka napotnik

Good life either requires intelligence, ignorance or just being a decent human being. The older I get the more I see how much I still don’t understand and how many things I don’t know. This is why I really enjoy my Kindle (and after nine years the darn thing still works flawlessly) for reading books of various topics. Here are some book titles I think they’re worth reading:

Some of them are more technical, some self-help but those are the ones that really made an impact on me.

Professionally I was a software developer before I pursued a management career. Now I manage engineering teams to create and grow. Sometimes I go with the nickname “napsy” as this is also visible on github pages.

Currently I'm the VP of Engineering at Visionect.

In my personal life I still code, have a couple of open-source projects, bike, hike, enjoy a good wine here and there and am in a happy relationship.

How to reach me: